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Tam's Thoughts and Wanderings

"Believe in a love that's being stored up for you like an inheritance."

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Hello world! There isn't that much to say about me that will peak one's interest to really go check out my journal, except that I use excellent grammar (thanks for college, mom & dad) - which seems to be a rare thing around this joint sometimes! Most of my friends are on Xanga, which is exactly why I picked LJ. I don't want to be a sheep. And random community is cool sometimes, so friend me and I will usually add you. We'll see ;)

This info page is sort of disjointed and random...but then again so am I. I am still definitely trying to find out exactly who I am completely, or remember if I ever had any idea in the first place.

I have more sensitivity and passion than I know what to do with. This trait, combined with the fact that I have the true spirit of an exhibitionist has led me to be pretty open-booked on this forum. So I make a lot of my posts friends only. "Friends" meaning anyone that I meet on here that sounds like they would be a great addition to my online blog community. My myspace page is for my real life contacts only, but here I tend to be more of a socialite. So if you like what you see, shoot me an email, I would love to meet you! :)

Oh, and the basic facts: I am a freelance writer, a dancer/choreographer, a 9am-5pm prisoner, a world traveler, and married to my high school sweetheart. I am addicted to my Clinique lip gloss, chinese food, and my email. I love Jesus & sharing my faith with others. I am swept away by live theatre and independent films/artistry. I live in Northern California. I was born and raised a bay area baby and moved away from it all for college. I go home to the bay every chance I get, all of my best friends & family (my loves!) are there. I love Alice in Wonderland and anything vintage Disney. I am OBSESSED with Disneyland and ditch Nor Cal to go there every chance I get! :) I love to be the "class clown" and make fun out of really bland situations. But I can be really introspective and dramatic too ;)

I am blunt, passionate, and am an open book once I trust you. But if I don't, you will never get past my walls.

Pretty much what my brain always feels like!

This is me. A lover, a loyalist, a fickle soul, a total brat when I want to be. A friend for life, a dancer for now, a lover of Christ forever. Happy, sad, angry, passioned, embittered, hopeless and full of hope simultaneously. Always ready for an adventure. And sick of LJ ;)